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OWCA Factsheets

OWCA Watershed Development Plans

August 2007 - One Mile Creek Watershed Development Plan
January 2010 - Lower Byrds Creek Watershed Management Plan

OWCA Factsheets

OWCA produces factsheets on various topics of interest on a periodic basis.  Some are focused on aspects of our environment, particular plants or animals and their lives. Others focus on issues of concern to the community such as water supply, energy or water conservation, solid waste, and other topics where presenting the community with the facts on an issue can be a handy reference.  Some fact sheets are in response to a timely event, but most are timeless which is why we have been producing fewer each year as we have built out this resource library. We also occasionally reprint, with permission, similar publications from other organizations.

We invite suggestions for factsheet topics that members would like to see.  All OWCA fact sheets are available for download. Hard copies are mailed to our members when they are produced. 

 May 2016
 Wetlands in Cumberland County
 May 2015
 Importance of Native Plants
 November 2014 Lakeshore Buffers for Cumberland County
 August 2011 Powerline Right-of-Way Spraying
 January 2011
 Crickets of Cumberland County
 October 2010
 Cumberland County Salamanders
 August 2010
 Conservation Easements Revisited
 July 2010
 White Nose Bat Syndrome
 June 2010
 Imported Fire Ants (IFA)
 May 2010
 Beaver Fact Sheet
 March 2010
 Tennessee’s Native Plant Alternatives to Exotic Invasives (Reprint from the Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council)
 January 2010
 Water Utility Conservation Practices
 December 2009
 Effects of Recession on American Life
 November 2009
 True Cost Accounting
 October 2009
 The Citizen Scientist
 September 2009
 August 2009
 The Gray Squirrel
 July 2009
 June 2009
 Coal Ash
 May 2009
 April 2009
 Spotfin Chub Erimonax monachus
 March 2009
 Cumberland County Water Supply Timeline
 February 2009
 Kingston Coal Ash Disaster Chronology
 January 2009
 School Nature Trails
 December 2008
 Water Scarcity
 October 2008
 The Watts Bar N-Waste Reservoir
 September 2008
 Stormwater and You
 August 2008
 Forests as Carbon Sinks
 June 2008
 TN River Watershed
 May 2008
 Vascular Plants Inventory of the Obed River Watershed
 April 2008
 Tips to Saving Water at Home
 March 2008
 Butterfly Nectar & Host Plants for Tennessee
 January 2008
 Water Efficiency
 December 2007
 History of Cumberland County Public Education
 November 2007
 The Old Southwest Frontier: Turning Native American Land into Private Property
 October 2007
 Cumberland County Aquatic Insects
 September 2007
 One Mile Creek Watershed Development Plan
 August 2007
 Tools for State Energy Planning
 July 2007
 The Nature of the Obed River Watershed
 June 2007
 Native Grasses
 May 2007
 Impact of Influx of Retirees on County
 April 2007
 Cumberland Habitat Conservation Plan
 March 2007
 Cumberland County Century Farms
 February 2007
 Effects of Global Warming in TN
 January 2007
 November 2006
 Water Supply
 October 2006
 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Comments
 Development of Cumberland County Water Supply System
 September 2006
 The Worth of a Watershed
 August 2006 Cumberland Mussels
 July 2006  TMDL Total Maximum Daily Loads
 June 2006
 18th Century Cumberland County
 May 2006 Plateau Geology
 April 2006 Conservation Easements
 March 2006
 Obed River Watershed Directory
 January 2006 A Watershed Approach
 December 2005 Cumberland County Forests
 October 2005 Spotfin Chub Erimonax monachus