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4-H Camp Project with UT Extension

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UT Extension video

Long Branch Watershed

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One-Mile Creek

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The One Mile Creek Watershed lies within the southeastern quadrant of the City of Crossville and is totally within the City’s planning area. This largely urban watershed has such county landmarks as the Cumberland Medical Center, the Art Circle Public Library, the Justice Center, and the Old High School. Land uses include sections of undisturbed forests, open farmland, rock quarries, small commercial development, concentrated urban development, powerline right-of-ways, and many older neighborhoods.

The Stream Restoration Project: The Stream Restoration Project (SRP) of the Obed Watershed Community
Association began in February 2007 and was funded through the TN Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The project developed watershed development plans to restore and protect streams. These plans were developed to reflect the values and concerns of watershed stakeholders, the results of watershed assessments, and current regulatory recommendations. 

Watershed Councils were organized for streams that flow into the Obed or its major tributary, Daddy's Creek. Volunteers were recruited and trained to serve as citizen water quality monitors (the Stream Team) to provide ongoing monitoring of water quality.

For more information on this project, please refer to factsheet #11, published in September 2007. 

As part of this project, OWCA conducted a community meeting, for the presentation that was developed from this meeting, please see the attachment: One Mile Creek Values.

We also created a presentation on typical stream problems that can also be viewed and downloaded below.

Martin Elementary School Nature Trail

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