Centennial Park

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Centennial Park Complete Project Plan

Crossville Centennial Park Project

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In 2011, OWCA began a two year project to change the way that Crossville's Centennial Park handles stormwater.  This project was completed in August 2013.  Stormwater in the park flows off of both paved surfaces such as parking lots, roads, and walkways as well as off the packed turf of ball fields and mowed grass areas.  

In Centennial Park, stormwater flows downhill into three primary drainage areas. The first has a stream and wetland that feeds a pond.  The second is an intermittent stream with wetland areas along its banks.  The third is a wet weather conveyance that only has flowing water during and immediately after storm events.  Because all the water from the park and Industrial Blvd flows down these drainageways, the stream at the bottom, a part of the Little Obed system, rises very quickly during storms and puts a lot of stress on the banks.  This project employed a number of techniques to reduce that extreme impact.  The project included four rain gardens, designed to capture water before it enters the stream or these drainageways.  On two of the drainageways, structures were built within the channel to slow and spread the water without interfering with the normal flow of the water when it is not raining.  Finally, a large number of plants (over 7,200) have been added along and on the banks to increase the ability of the bank areas to absorb water so that it can be released more slowly over time.