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Native Plants

OWCA has some Native Plant Inventory please email or call 931-484-9033 for details. A meeting time can be arrange to pick up plants, as OWCA does not have a store front.

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Native Plants by Type, Common Name, and Scientific Name. Includes pictures.


Stormwater and You

What is a Watershed

Conservation Easements

Plateau Geology

Total Maximum Daily Loads

Cumberland Mussels

The Worth of a Watershed

Water Supply Timeline

Tree Benefits

Cumberland Habitat Conservation Plan

Nature of the Obed River Watershed

Vascular Plants of the Obed River

Tennessee River Watershed

18th Century Cumberland County

Spotfin Chub in the Obed

The Gray Squirrel

Butterfly Nectar and Host Plants

Forest and Carbon Sinks

Cricket Factsheet

Watts Barr N Reservoir

Water Scarcity

Cumberland County Aquatic Insects

Cumberland County Water Supply

Effects of Global Warming

Importance of Native Plants

Cumberland County Exotic Invasive Plants

Images of Invasive Plants

The Cumberland Forest

Kingston Coal Ash Disaster Chronology

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Lakeshore Buffers for Cumberland County

Lakeshore Buffers, Page 2

Tennessee Alternatives to Invasive Plants



Native Grasses for Landscapes


Citizen Scientist

One Mile Creek Watershed

Plants for Lakeshores in Cumberland County

Riparian Buffers

Salamander Fact Sheet


Shoreline buffer strips

Tips for Saving Water

Tools for State EnOergy Planning

Water Efficiency

Wetlands in Cumberland County

White Nosed Bat Syndrome

Building the OWCA Herbicide Wand

Powerpoint Presentations

Obed Watershed and You and Stormwater

Land Use and Water Quality

Little Obed Below Genesis Project

Aquatic Insects of the Obed

Restoration and Citizen Engagement

Centennial Park Project